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At Efiling We aim to be the leading provider of accounting, tax, financial planning, quality control and Labour Law / Payroll Accounting services in near future, throughout India. We stick to highest ethical standards when it comes to serving clients and customers. Our sole existence in this world is because of faith and belief of our customers in us. They are the essence of our business and its operations.

The team of professionals expertise of Chartered Accountant, Cost Account, Company Secratary and advocates in various fields.


Founded by young, dynamic and well qualified professionals, EFILING INDIA , provides a complete range of integrated IT & legal support services to worldwide legal community and helps law firms and corporate legal departments receive value for money. In the areas of research, drafting, litigation support and administrative services, EFILING INDIA has good command in the legal arena. Outsourcing high-value and sophisticated core business processes to EFILING INDIA in India is a strategic move for forward-thinking organizations, as we consistently deliver superior value and achieve the highest standards. Most importantly, we serve as your virtual overseas partner, ensuring quality, confidentiality, integrity, and on-time execution for each project.

Our Aim

EFILING INDIA CORPORATION's aim is to bring the outsourcing advantages in form of value addition, cost reduction and time operations to law firms, individual attorneys and corporate legal departments throughout the English-speaking world.

Efiling India Corporation USP

The latest trend which dominates offshoring legal support services is the spreading of legal web across the World and extending legal services to the advantage of the client.

As the legal market across the globe.Becomes more and more competitive, increasing number of international organizations seeks state-of-the-art legal LPO services to meet the rising demands of quality and cost effectiveness. EFILING INDIA combines legal capabilities with knowledge of international regulatory standards and a robust technical backend to deliver best solutions at a very fair price. This enables you to focus more on core competencies to upgrade your legal practice to the next level and expand your business model.

Competence in legal expertise EFILING INDIA is managed by a competent team of Indian attorneys. The company is an offshoot of a leading young Indian law firm. Our firm's experience as a consultant to our clients proves our ability to deliver world-class legal support services. To provide excellent integrated services in tune with your legal process, EFILING INDIA employs a dynamic, cross-cultural team who will take care of every aspect of your project. Our lawyers are graduates of good Indian law schools and are experienced in international transactions, litigation, and regulatory matters.

EFILING INDIA partner law firm oversees our work, ensuring the highest quality professional services. These common law-trained professionals will handle your specific requirements when you outsource parts of your legal processes to EFILING INDIA in India.

LPO is an asset for the client EFILING INDIA provides high-end & specialized legal support and research services which work as value for money. We relate to your Bean Counters when it comes to cost-savings, increasing profit margins, and adding to your bottom-line.

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