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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic approach to identifying and controlling hazards (microbiological, chemical or physical) that pose a danger to the preparation of safe food. HACCP seeks to control the safety of ingredients and supplies coming into a food business and what is done with them thereafter. The implementation of HACCP is a legal requirement for many American and most European food companies.


Benefits of Implementing HACCP
  • It is an internationally accepted technique for preventing microbiological, chemical and physical contamination along the food supply chain. The certification is designed to prevent problems before they occur and to correct them as soon as they are detected.
  • HACCP enables the producers, processors, distributors, exporters, etc, of food products to utilize technical resources efficiently and in a cost effective manner in assuring food safety. Food inspection too would be more systematic and therefore hassle-free.
  • HACCP reduces the need for finished product testing by identifying the hazards associated with the inputs into the process and the product and devising control measures which can be monitored in order to minimize or eliminate the hazards.
  • HACCP can be applied throughout the food chain from the primary producer to final consumer.
  • All businesses involved in the food supply chain from producers to retailers can use HACCP. Enterprises include, but are not restricted to, those linked with: 
    1. Fruits & Vegetables
    2. Meat & Meat Products
    3. Dairy Products
    4. Spices & Condiments 5- Fish & Fishery Products
    5. Cereals
    6. Nuts & Nut Products
    7. Restaurants
    8. Bakery & Confectionery
    9. Hotels
    10. Fast Food Operations etc.
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