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GHP Certification
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Good Hygiene Practice

GHP compliance covers the minimum sanitary and hygiene practices for food processors, such as Hotesls And restaurants, to ensure that food is safe and suitable for human consumption. GHP is a required foundation to implement other food safety Management initiatives such as GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000. The FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide recommend GHP compliance to ensure that a company is committed to reducing food contamination and food borne diseases by implementing food safety practices.

The Hygiene Monitored program can be useful for following industries:-
  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants and catering
  3. Quick service restaurants
  4. Food retail stores
  5. Convenience stores
  6. Pharmaceutical manufacturing units


LEGAL babu helps you achieve GHP compliance with specialized audits which check for the conformity of hygiene, sanitary and food handling practices at each step of food processing. In addition, LEGAL babu provides detailed reports with objective data to find risk factors for food accidents to improve your food safety and quality systems.


  1. Why do you need GHP compliance?
  2. Minimum required standard for food processors
  3. Demonstrates commitment to producing and serving safe food
  4. Leads to increased customer confidence
  5. Demonstrates adherence to governmental regulations
  6. Formulates foundation for GMP, HACCP certification
Verification Guidlines
  1. Broadly includes reviewing
  2. Hygiene practices by employees
  3. Sanitation facilities
  4. Food handling practices
  5. Prevention of physical and chemical hazards
  6. Pest control
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