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Sale tax/VAT Return Filing Sales Tax / VAT Return Filing Services in Varanasi?

Sales Tax / VAT Return Filing Services in Varanasi

  • Sale tax/VAT Return Filing

  • Sale tax/VAT Return Filing

    @ Just Rs. 1000 /- per Filing
    (All inclusive price) Sale tax/VAT Return Filing ?

  •   VAT Expert will collect the necessary information and documents for preparation of VAT return for your business.

    Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration or TIN Registration is a tax registration required for businesses trading or manufacturing goods in India.
    VAT is a multi-stage tax with the provision to allow 'Input tax credit (ITC)' on tax at an earlier stage, which can be appropriated against the VAT liability on subsequent sale.
    Therefore, VAT is ultimately borne by the consumer.
    VAT is collected and governed by the State Government, so each State Government in India has distinct rules applicable for their State based on the type of good manufactured or sold. VAT Registration is mandatory in most states for traders or manufacturers having a turnover of more than Rs.5 lakhs per year (Rs.10 lakhs in some states). can help you obtain VAT or TIN Return filling.

    • VAT Due Dates



      Tax on Turnover of every month
      1. From 1st to 10th
      2. From 11th to 20th
      3. From 21st to End of Month


      Deposit VAT up to
      1. 15th of every month
      2. 25th of every month
      3. 5th of next month


      1. From 1st to 15th
      2. From 16th to End of Month
      1. 20th of every month
      2. 7th of Next Month


             1.    Monthly
      1. 14th of every month


      1. Monthly
      1. 14th of next month (Below Rs. 20 thousand in a year)

      Return Filling Dates

      • 15th August, 15th November
      • 15th February, 30th May
      1. 30th June
      2. 31st  December
      • Deposit of Quarterly Vat E- Return ( Vat-10 )
      1. Vat Annual  Return  ( Vat-11) For composition dealer
      2. Vat Annual Return  ( Vat-10A ) And Audit Report

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  • As part of updating its registry, MCA would be conducting KYC of all Directors of all companies annually through a new eform viz. DIR-3 KYC to be notified and deployed shortly. Accordingly, every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before 31st March, 2018 and whose DIN is in ‘Approved’ status, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC on or before 31st August,2018. While filing the form,the Unique Personal Mobile Number and Person

  • Forms MGT-7, AOC-4 and Additional Attachment are likely to be revised on MCA21 Company Forms Download page w.e.f 14th JULY 2018. Stakeholders are advised to check the latest version before filing.

  • DIR-3 KYC will be available on MCA21 Company Forms Download page w.e.f 14th July 2018 for filing purposes. Stakeholders are advised to plan accordingly.

  • MCA21 system will be intermittently unavailable from Saturday, 23rd June 2018 09.00 pm to Saturday, 23rd June 2018 11.00 pm IST due to maintenance activity. Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly.

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