Reply to TM Examination Report

Reply to TM Examination Report

Examiner of trademark releases a report after the examination of trademark, which pointes out departmental objection with respect to registration of TM. In case, the report is favourable then the application gets advertised, however, to an adverse report a reply must be filed within 30 days of its receipt. Setindiabiz. help you to file the same within 24 hrs.

Reply to TM Examination Report
The application for the registration of trademark examined by the examiner to see that it fulfils all the procedural requirements such as filing the application in appropriate form and manner, payment of the prescribed fee, that it contains appropriate description and is properly classified. In case, of an International Application which claims priority on the basis of an earlier application filed in the applicant’s home country or in any convention country, the application is filed within 6 months as per Peris convention.
Examiner is further obligated to see whether the trademark applied is capable of being registered keeping in mind the absolute grounds of refusal or relative grounds of refusal as prescribed under Section 9 and 11 respectively. In case of an expedited examination, the registrar has to be satisfied with the reasons of seeking expeditious examination of the trademark. Normally, the examination report is released within 3-6 months, however in case of expeditious examination it has to be issued within 3 months.

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