Provident Fund Registration

Provident Fund Registration

"The registration with PF department is mandatory for the organisations appointing more than twenty (20) employees. The process is simple and only few documents like Pan Card , Address Proof, Cancelled Cheque and specimen signature of the authorised representative is filed. The application is filed electronically with the use of Digital Signature."
Registration with the Employee's Provident Fund Organisation
The provident fund being a social security scheme promotes forced saving among those employees whose salary is less than 15,000 per month. All establishments which employs 20 or more employees is under obligation to extend the coverage of PF Scheme to its employees. The coverage under provident fund is mandatory only when the number of employees crosses 20 in number at any point of time. Once coverage starts then it continues even if the number of employee reduces from the statutory threshold limit of twenty. Employees covered under the PF scheme enjoy social security in the form of an attachable and un-withdrawable (except in severely restricted circumstances like buying house, marriage, education etc.) interest bearing investment with the government guarantee. The accumulated sum along with interest is payable normally on retirement or death. There are two type of registration with the employee provident fund organisation

Mandatory Registration

Within 30 days of eligibility (in general reaching 20 employees) the establishment must apply for coverage under provident fund failing which the employer shall be liable for damages and other penal consequences. The registration is normally granted within a week time.

Voluntary Registration

In case the number of employee in an establishment is less than twenty and it wishes to extend benefit of provident fund to its employees, then an application for coverage on voluntary basis may be filed with the consent of all the existing employees.

Once Provident Fund Number (PF Code) is allotted, the same is intimated to the applicant through email, no physical certificate is issued these days. After that the establishment must create a login id and password by authenticating the code with one time password using the mobile number. The monthly payment and returns of the PF is filed in electronic format before 15th of next month. Once the establishment is registered the enforcement officer of the provident fund may visit the registered premises for inspection and verification of information and documents provided at the time of seeking registration. The establishments are advised to keep and maintain necessary labour records always ready for inspection by the authorities.

Following are the list of documents needed at the time of seeking registration with PF

1. Copy of Pan Card: The name on the pan database of income tax department must be exactly same to the name being furnished in the application, even a slight variance with an extra space etc. will result in rejection as the data is verified online. The name as per Income Tax department may be verified

2. Address Proof of the establishment: Though the applicant can declare more than one address in the application in case it has more than one offices, however one address proof is required to be filed for the main address of the establishment. The address proof may be any of following documents

  • A. Any license/certificate/number issued by any Govt. authority
  • B. Copy of water connection in the name of the Establishment
  • C. Copy of bank passbook/statement
  • D. Copy of postpaid telephone bill of any company
  • E. Copy of power connection in the name of the Establishment

3. Date of setup & Proof of setup of the establishment:The certificate of incorporation (COI) in case of a company or a Limited liability partnership (LLP), Partnership deed or registration certificate issued by the registrar of firms, declaration of starting a proprietorship in case of firms and registration certificates issued in case of society may be submitted as proof of setup

4. Other License: (Optional) if the establishment is a factory or a co-operative society then the relevant license need to be submitted. Further if the establishment is already registered with the ESIC then the certificate of such registration need to be filed.

5. Bank Account Proof: Copy of a cancelled cheque of the bank account in the name of establishment is treated as the proof of the bank account, the name of the establishment must be printed on the cheque.

6. Specimen signature of authorised signatory: The applicant must prepare the document on its letter head specifying the name, designation, address and specimen signature which need further attestation by the applicant or the directors.

7. Voluntary registration application: In case the application is being filed by the establishment on voluntary basis then a consent letter to this effect from the majority of employees along with their details and signature is mandatory.

8. Digital Signature of Class-II: as the application for coverage is filed electronically with the regional office of the provident fund organisation the applicant or its authorised representative must have posses a valid class two digital signature.

The registration with provident fund office is based on information furnished by the applicant, only few documents like pan card, address proof, cancelled cheque and specimen signature of authorised signatories are required to be furnished in electronically attested format. The information must be provided accurately and after verifying with the concerned document or database of the company. The establishment must maintain following labour records for verification by the enforcement officer of the PF

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  • Forms MGT-7, AOC-4 and Additional Attachment are likely to be revised on MCA21 Company Forms Download page w.e.f 14th JULY 2018. Stakeholders are advised to check the latest version before filing.

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