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Copyright Registrationn

Copyright are bundle of rights provided to an author of the work. All literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic work, and also cinematographic films and sound recordings are protected under copyright. Copyright comes into existence as soon as work is created, but it is always advisable to get a copyright registration to protect one's original piece of creative work. The rights granted under copyright law are right of reproduction and communication to the public, translation and adoption of work. Further, copyright includes both economic rights and the moral rights. As per the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, the term of copyright is 60 years in general, the term 60 years is calculated from the year following the death of an author of literary, dramatic, artistic, musical work. Also, it is calculated from the date of publication in cases of film cinematography, photographs, posthumous publications, sound recordings, works of government and works of international organizations, anonymous and pseudonymous publications.

1- Copyrights law protects artistic, musical, literary and dramatic work.
2- The term of copyright is 60 years in general.
3- Copyrights can be assigned and licensed.
4- Copyright protection is given to an original work.
5- Ideas and concept are not protected under copyright. However, computer programs or software can be protected under copyright as literary work.
Government Fee for Registration of Copyright:

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