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Agmark Certification
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Agmark : Certification

'Agmark' is a Quality Certification Mark of the Government of India given to products confirming to scientifically laid down quality standards on all agricultural produce.India is the largest agricultural country in the world and most of the people living out of agriculture and working as a trader. AGMARK certification is a mark provided by state run Agmark Laboratory after verifying and checking all the products as per the rules and regulations of India AGMARK Act.

AGMARK certification is provided on 205 commodities including Pulses, Cereals, Essential oils, Vegetable Oils, Fruits and Vegetables and other semi-products produced by farmers in different states.

However, even if not mandatory for you, getting an ISI Mark is always a good idea as it exists for almost all kinds of products. Any manufacturer who feels confident enough that his product has the ability to meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification.

AGMARK registration is inevitable as consumers can easily trust on the suppliers as this is one of the most trusted quality benchmark employed by our Government. A farmer/processor may get better prices for the commodity since consumer is assured of the genuineness of the organic integrity. As the name suggests, the word AGMARK is a combination of two words "AG" and "MARK", which means agricultural mark. After checking all agricultural products at the Central AGMARK Laboratory with the help of many technical teams then, it will certify the AGMARK if it qualifies the standard.

Certificate of Authorization

It is given to the packers authorizing them to grade their commodity under AGMARK. Period of Validity will be 5 years. For granting new certificate of authorisation separate application for each commodity should be produced.20- Equipment and protective systems for use in explosive atmospheres

Requirement of Agmark Application Proceedings
  • Copy of test report(s), duly authenticated, from independent Agmark recognized laboratory.
  • Document authenticating establishment of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar. OR State Authority or Memorandum of Article in case Applicant Firm is a Limited Company. OR Partnership Deed in case the applicant firm is under Partnership.
  • Name of the products.
  • Name of the applicant.
  • Name of the Firm/ Company.
  • Address of the Firm/ Company.
  • Sample of the product(in pouch of 500gm. and 1kg.).
  • Started Time period of product(specify exact Date/Month/year).
  • Total gross product in Kg(for last year).
  • Turnover of last year.
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