Accounting of Outsourcing Sales
Accounting of Outsourcing Sales
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Accounting Services (Sales)

BM Comptax Consultants Sales management , enables the companies to measurably improve and mange their sales management cycle from start to finish. Our highly flexible and customize able order-to-cash solution helps customers to choose from a full solution or start with a subset of processes, business units or locations.


Our order-to-cash services enable organizations to offload time consuming accounts receivable activities and divert their accounting resources to higher value tasks. We provide levels of services that exceed industry norms in many key performance measures including order accuracy.



  • Less working capital attached to accounts receivable
  • Reduction in operational costs and increased cash flow Improved customer satisfaction
  • We integrate and manage the processes including order management, credit management, billing, collections management, dispute/deduction management, cash applications and financial reporting and analysis.


Our Approach
  • Our order-to-cash approach addresses the entire facet from order capture to error handling to revenue collection, enabling us to deliver fast and error free services to our customers
  • Our approach helps you enjoy measurable performance improvement, giving you everything you need to roll out new offerings and support complex services more efficiently.
  • World class technology platform
  • Best workflow process
  • Skilled agents in collection and dispute-resolution at our delivery Centre


Accounting Systems & Control Mannual
  1. Design and Set-up Business Process and Internal Control Systems.
  2. Accounting system set up ,review, improvement and implementation.
  3. Accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing of US,UK,Canada,Australia,Germany clients.
  4. Accounting system design and set up for US,UK,Canada,Australia,German clients in India.
  5. Accounting advisory services.
  6. Accountings security systems review and management of foreign corporate.
  7. Information Systems review / audit.
  8. Information Security review / assessment.
  9. Systems and Process manuals preparation.
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